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M.I Vs Iceberg Slim (Mr. Incredible Vs Mr International)

The face of rap music keeps changing for the better. Times have passed when we only hear the beat of the song, now we have patient listeners after punchlines in every rap music. It is very impressive our indigenous rappers abroad are coming home because they have realized that’s the way forward. This has worked for artists like D’bang, Banky W, Sauce Kid and likes. To the surprise of Nigerian rap fans, there has been a very large hype for Nigerian Music Award’s Mr. International-Iceberg Slim Olowokere.
There is a rumor of controversy between Mr. International-Iceberg Slim and the Nigerian Famous Mr. Incredible-M.I. Sources have confirmed one of Iceberg Slim’s freestyles which says “I’m I better than M.I, I don’t know, I’m I, matter of fact you should ask M.I” took a new shape when congested by various rap fans including M.I, then we heard a new track from M.I saying “Somebody/Nobody wants to die” This then became a beef talk to their rap fans when Iceberg turned his freestyle into a song in response to M.I’s Somebody wants’ to die.
There has been a contest in the mind of rap fans on who happens to be the best rapper in Nigeria presently, M.I has developed more fans than Iceberg Slim and has more hit records while Iceberg Slim has gained hearts on Nigerian rap fans in a very short and unusual period.
None of these rappers have come out openly to declare or settle this beef talk, but Nigerian rap fans have their hands folded on what’s going to be next and obviously can’t wait for Iceberg Slim to drop his album.
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